Monday, September 5, 2011

Best Laid Plans and All That

I have this plan, and this plan is to make a shawl. This shawl is a very difficult one for me to attempt, due to its past life as a previous shawl. I'm torn between resuscitating the old shawl (being faithful to the memory behind it), and starting over. New life, new shawl. I wanted to pick a pattern that would show off the yarn better than the first one, too.

The yarn is a beautiful thin dark green slubbed cotton with tiny flecks of deep red. It's almost a thread-like tweed, except for the fluffy green slubs. I bought it at Earth Guild in Asheville, North Carolina when I was there a summer ago. That same trip I had hiked part of the Appalachian trail, and I picked that cone of yarn because it reminded me of the shady trails and the trees. Am I getting too sentimental?

So I picked Dew Drops shawl, from Ravelry.

The stockinette body will show off the yarn to it's best advantage, and the winding lace around the dots reminds me of paths and trees. So it's faithful to the old memory, in a way, but still can be a new shawl.

So i got me a pair of 2.75mm needles, and I'm casting on. Let this be my public declaration that I intend to finish this shawl, to vanquish this memory, and move on with my life. None of it will be easy. I've never attempted anything this difficult with this fine of yarn. I've never had to face the kind of things I've had to deal with this summer. So, wish me the best of luck, and on with the knitting.

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