Friday, September 16, 2011

Shawl Progress

See that little pink line? That's about how much progress I've made since the last time. Of course, I had to tear it all out and re-start it on larger needles, so I guess if you think about it, I've made even more progress. I had a brief freak-out when I thought I had dropped a stitch, but the nice ladies at the yarn shop told me I was being silly and they were right - everything was fine.

It really helps on monotonous projects to have a fun group and something to do, because otherwise it's a total slog. Yes, it's fine yarn. No, stockinette doesn't require ample amounts of attention. I just have to make sure I don't forget a yarn-over.

So this site appears to be down, but is an organization that promotes awareness of shaken baby syndrome. One of the ladies in our yarn group brought the flier in because they're doing a hat drive (purple) as part of the awareness program. What happens, she explained, is some babies cry so hard they stop breathing (ever laugh so hard you can't breathe?) and they start to turn purple, and the over-stressed, under-rested, new parents start to panic and shake the baby to try and get him/her to breathe again. It doesn't come from a place of malice - she says - they just panic and don't know what to do. Hence purple for the awareness color. If you'd like to contribute, Judy is collecting hats until late October at the Crazy Girl yarn shop in Coralville. The organization needs preemie and infant hats in baby friendly (and washer-friendly) purple yarn, any pattern will do. However, there shouldn't be any parts that could potentially choke a baby, such as ties, or things that could fall off like pom poms or buttons. Otherwise, all types of yarn, all shades of purple, all different patterns are welcome. Here's the one I'm currently working on.

That's all for now: I'm off job-hunting again.

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