Thursday, October 13, 2011

Languishing in Kniturgatory

This, my friends, is a proud moment. This is the moment I get to show you my first adult-sized sweater!

However, my pride is a bit dampened due to the fact that this (almost) finished sweater has been sitting in a bin, in my yarn cabinet, in the basement, for, oh, 5 or 6 months. That's right, all I had to do was weave in the ends and sew on the buttons, and the poor sweater sat there, dejected and unloved, for all that time.

Today I said no more(!) and finished it at the weekly s&b. I'll tell you, there's nothing as encouraging as finishing a project in a room full of knitters. They love it, and they help you feel proud that you made this thing with your own hands and some pointy sticks.

And, just in time for the actual holiday, I semi-made a Halloween wreath! I started with the basic foam, painstakingly tied and glued fabric strips all around, and decorated it with some craft-store bought embellishments. I wish I could get a good shot of the colors, they're super bright! Enjoy.

Did I mention I have arachnaphobia?

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