Thursday, October 20, 2011

the things life throws at you

If you'll all remember, a few weeks back I made a rather public (well, as "public" as this blog is!) declaration to finish my dew drops shawl in time for rhinebeck this year.

I, um, ran into some trouble, and other distractions.

First there was the Shaken Baby awareness campaign, and the knit group was making hats, so I jumped on board and made a few. Sadly, I do not knit as fast as the other ladies, and as it was I was going to have to do 6-8 rows of the shawl every day to finish it on time (we're talking thousands of stitches). So, the shawl got put aside for a week. On the upside I found the cutest crochet hat pattern on Ravelry. The Djevellue hat is supposedly a traditional German/Norwegian design, and it's little peaked cap is just darling.

I also made a big mistake and got scared and had to wait until I could go to the yarn store. I needed emotional and technical support while I actually removed those stitches from the needle and tried to re-knit them the way they were supposed to go, or at least into a way that wouldn't show in the final product.

I learned the value of a lifeline.

Long story short, my dew drops shawl has not been abandoned, just put on hold.

I did, however, start this last night after receiving news that a family friend was receiving hospice care.

This is the Beloved Shawl, a Debbie Stoller/Red Heart pattern I also found courtesy of the wonderful library that is Ravelry. As a lace motif, the pattern is fairly simple and extremely charming. As a pattern, it sucks. Usually I am not this harsh on patterns, because I find that knitting something that isn't to my taste doesn't mean it is done poorly. This time, however, I found the combination of vague directions, instructions that didn't match the picture that was shown, and, admittedly, a few desing elements I would have preferred done otherwise to be enough to sway my opinion. After I worked out the kinks, though (and charted a ton), it promises to be a beautiful shawl, and I hope it's recipient (the wife of the ill friend) will find much comfort in it.

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