Thursday, January 19, 2012

Book Reviews? What Book Reviews?

Today is an exciting day. Very exciting. Today is a yarn score day.

Every once in awhile when I get jonesing to go shopping but my bank account won't allow much of it, I do what I call a five-dollar day or a ten-dollar day. Today, since I stopped by our local consignment and picked up a measley $11.50, I set my limit at ten dollars. Then I make the thrift circuit. I've gotten smarter at this over the years. I used to get excited by any cute ol' thing that waggled its price tag at me, and that's how I ended up with two adorable but completely useless blue and white ceramic bunnies.
I got smarter as I got more experienced. Books are always a good bet, because if I can score one for fifty cents, I can usually re-sell it for the same price. (Don't get me started on libraries. I know there are magical places full of books I can get for free. I'm bad at deadlines. And keeping track of things. Both of which could end up being very expensive for me). Double points if you find a book in a series you're reading, or the first book in a new series. (How many times have you picked up a book and it was book 2 or 3 or whatever. No good).

If I'm looking to replace an item of clothing, I can go on the hunt for that. I've gotten some pretty nice labels for seriously cheap. An Express dress for $2.50? Sure. The Limited heels for $4? Got 'em.

But, really, I'm always on the lookout for yarn. Nice yarn. The kind of score that you want to ring your neighbor's doorbell and show off for. Usually you can always find crap acrylic, but sometimes, sometimes, you really get the good stuff. Like the time I passed on dusty blue wool/silk/mohair for $2 a skein (and there were 11 of them)? Dumb. A cone of mill-end fingering-weight Shetland wool for $2 in the most beautiful dark burnt orange? You bet I snagged that.

Today, though, today the stars must have been aligned because I don't think I've ever (aside from the time I got a massive cone of lace-weight cashmere for free) gotten a score like this one.

15 skeins, only one of which was acrylic, for $10. That's 66 cents a piece. There were six skeins of discontinued Berroco sprite (which will become the Rondeur pullover for me), five skeins of discontinued Gelato Cotone (which will become some sort of baby afghan) a ball of sock yarn that possibly has enough to become little ankle socks, and a leftover ball of what I believe is soy silk that is a coordinating colorway with a skein that I already have.

If you're bored, I apologize.

Ok, not really. What does it say about me that yarn trips my trigger this much?

Wait... Don't answer that.

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