Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Christmas Vacuum

Every year, post-holiday season, some crafters experience a case of "startitis," or an irresistible urge to cast on project after project. Some attribute it to the longing for spring and the creation the season implies, but personally, I think it's a matter of space.

See, every holiday season some crafters go crazy trying to make something for every member of their family. Someties this results in not a lot of sleep and some sort of crazy meltdown because the bags aren't done yet or the &%#(* seams aren't turning right. I admit, I am a poor imitator. If you want to see real holiday crazy, check out the yarnharlot. She'll open you to a whole world of knitterly madness. During this time, it is entirely feasible that you have three, four, say, maybe seven projects going at the same time. Once the gifting is over, however, there is a space. The great gifting vacuum of doom. All of the sudden your hands are empty and itching for something, and not just one project will do.

Currently, I have a baby sweater on the needles, I finished this hat, started the owl hat, have a scarf on the needles, and bought the yarn to start another sweater, not to mention any old hank of yarn I ran across I was attempting to plan a project for.

We will not speak of the failed puppy sweater.

Pictures soon, once I have something worth showing!

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