Monday, January 23, 2012

One of these things is not like the other...

Take a look at this:

Don't see it? Lemme make it a little more clear...

This is what we call distracted knitting. Does a 7-petal blossom look bad? Not necessarily. Is there any chance anyone would notice? Possibly, but probably not. So why not just leave it? Well, this is my own design, and one I hope to submit for publication(!!) so it really does need to be pretty perfect. When the time comes I'll have to decide on an edging for it, but for right now I'm trying to find the willpower to rip out the last four rows.

Here, let me distract you with more pictures.

Pattern: Butterfly Baby by Pyropagan Knits (the link for the pattern appears to be a little bit busted right now, hopefully it will right itself in the near future). Modifications: I added a few extra rows of stockinette before starting the garter stitch border on the bottom, and I shortened the sleeves for a summer baby. Yarn: less than two balls Mission Falls 1824 cotton. Totally in love with it. Almost kept it for myself.

My fingers are itching to work on something, or *ahem* start something new *cough*, but, unfortunately, knitting might be out of the question today. See, I was in the shower (stick with me here) and went to close the cap on the shampoo by banging it shut with the heel of my palm. I sorta missed. I had no idea there was a funnybone-like-nerve in your wrist, but I immediately lost all feeling in my last three fingers. I saw stars and had to have a bit of a sit-down (yes, in the shower). I might have even gone a little deaf, it hurt that bad. I have recovered enough feeling to type, but any sort of grippy activity (i.e. manipulating tiny needles) is apparently out of the question. If I get a really spectacular bruise, I'll post a picture.

Oh, and... YARN SCORE!

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