Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Somebody get the Blinders!

My brain seems to be unable to focus, so today's post is numbered into little bits for your convenience.

1. Here's a picture of the Josh Hat. Sorry, I don't have a pattern available for this one, though I'm sure I could write one if circumstances demanded. (Although, I scribbled my decrease chart on a piece of scratch paper that already had writing on it, and I corrected my errors on the same piece. I have no idea where said paper wandered off to).

Yarn: less than one skein Encore Worsted in BLACK, size 5mm/16" circulars. Yes, this is the only picture I have.

2. The owl hat has been temporarily abandoned in favor of the Butterfly Baby cardigan. Since I am attempting to make this a unisex cardigan (gender of baby in question = unknown) I am leaving the butterflies off the sleeves and changing the name to the bowtie cardigan.

I have slight concerns with the gender issue, because though I remain open-minded and share the opinion of a very wise and well known knitter, there are some who may think that putting green on a girl is no big deal, but how dare you put pink on a boy. Similarly, the pattern above may be viewed as little butterflies (as the real name of the pattern implies), or bowties, or simply little gathered v-stitches.

My personal opinion is that it's a tiny human and it doesn't care what it's wearing. The sleeves, if you noticed, are still unfinished because I have cruelly abandoned this sweater in favor of...

3. ...swatching for the Midnight Cables Cardigan from Love of Knitting Fall 2010. My fidelity to this project is going to be sorely tested because: A) I didn't pick it out. and B) I hate the yarn. It's Red Heart. Don't get me wrong, lately I've been very impressed with Red Heart's newer products, like the Debbie Stoller Alpaca Love. This, however, is the super-saver economy variegated yarn. I'm enjoying the colorway, but this yarn is hard to work with (non-stretchy, scratchy acrylic), and I'm having trouble attaining gauge.

4. I need to get back to my book reviews. Remind me to review "The Secret of Lost Things" and "Homer & Langley" for you soon.

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