Monday, March 26, 2012

Ever have one of those days?

When it just seems like the simple things are out to get you? You bang your elbow folding up a footstool, get stuck on top of a refrigerator, and can't seem to manage a simple four-stitch repetition over a number of stitches.

My friend's baby is coming in June and I still don't have even the center portion of her blanket done. First there were the flowers. Then I found out they were having a boy. I tried one pattern that I really loved for the middle, but the edges were wavy and wouldn't take a straight border. Sad. Tried a different pattern with slipped stitches that go off in opposing directions, didn't like it (read: kept screwing up a simple four-stitch repetition). Now I'm contemplating a fourth pattern, got halfway through the 90-some stitch cast on and remembered I'm supposed to do a provisional. Or, well, I should do one since I plan on having the border go all the way around. Personally I prefer the crochet provisional cast-on, but I'm willing to learn any others as well.

I give in. This blanket does not want to be knit tonight. I must listen to it, and work on my sock instead.

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