Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Know the Saying

Always be prepared. Spring cleaning has hit me full force, and in the course of tidying up, I've rediscovered the wonder that is my closet (Ness's 30 for 30  posts have me inspired), lost $60 (I always lose something when I clean), done all the laundry, cleaned out my corners, and went through my purse. I realized I have a lot of random knit stuff floating around in the bottom of my purse, and I also usually always have a project with me, so I decided to collect it all in one place. If you know a knitter, little knit kits like this can make a fabulous gift idea. You can even decorate and repurpose an old tin or sew a zippered pouch... the possibilities are endless.

On the left are my sheepy stitch markers! I keep them in the mini altoids tin, along with a yarn cutter, point protectors, a needle threader and a few yarn needles. Above that is a small ball of yarn. Why the yarn? My little pouch isn't quite big enough for a stitch holder, and would only hold a small one at that, so the yarn can be threaded through live stitches to hold them off the needle, or can be inserted as a lifeline in charted pieces. Handy, yarn is. Immediately to the right of that is my tape measure, which helps measure garments, but also gauge, and if you wrap yarn around your needle, can also measure your wraps per inch (helpful in determining yarn weight if your label has gone on walkabout). Below that is a "LastLine" bookmark. It's lightweight and clips to the side of your page, with a point and a window the same size as a line of print. Never lose your place in your pattern again. Other items include a row counter, a pencil, a cable needle, and a crochet hook (cut short) for picking up stitches. It all fits in that little pouch on the right.

Now, if I can just find that sixty bucks, I'll be back in business. I know it's around here somewhere.

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  1. I wish my knitting tools were so compact! I have a kit thing and a pocket for everything that doesn't fit in the kit.